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"Killian, watch out!" But Misty's warning came too late or just in time depending which way you looked at it. Killian Roma turned his head quickly towards Misty to see what the hell the specter was talking about. Unfortunately he turned his face directly into the path of what he was supposed to be watching out for. A big ham hock of a fist hit his face, directly into his jaw sending him towards the sidewalk.

"What the fuck?!" He managed to bellow out although it was slightly slurred from the fact that his jaw had nearly been misaligned. His head was spinning from the blow but he still managed to immediately look up at his attacker. A cop. A fucking cop. And a damn handsome one at that, even though he was a grumpy Neanderthal. Jet Mastersen. What. The. Hell.

"You little fuck." He came over and loomed over Killian with fury in his brown eyes. "You have fun making me look like a idiot? Do you know how long it took me to find that piece of shit drug trafficking abusive motherfucker? Then you waltz in and you fucking tell my Captain he ain't the Lowtown Stalker?"

"Well he isn't!" So that's what this was about. Mastersen's bruised ego resulted in Killian's bruised face. Just because his hair was blue didn't mean that Kil wanted his face to match. "It's not my fault you overhearing caveman. Something doesn't go your way so you have to hit it until it breaks? Real mature." Kil raised his left foot and slammed the heel of his cowboy boot down on the cop's foot from his prone position. At this point he didn't care if he was arrested for attacking a police officer. He hated bullies.

"You little shit." Jet jumped back as he cursed from Killian's attack. "I'm sick of you sticking your nose into my cases. Every time I turn around you're there dogging me. Now I have to babysit your ass until we find this sick bastard because the Captain told me too."

"Fuck that." Killian lurched to his feet, placing his hand on the hood of his beat up F-250 truck for balance as his head spun for a moment. "I gave my information. I'm done. You figure out what the hell to do with it." Kil rubbed his jaw, glaring at the larger man out of furious blue eyes. Misty, his constant spooky companion, was strangely silent from where she stood tottering on her four inch heels five feet away watching the battle with a look that she normally only gave to her afternoon 'stories'. Give the girl a bowl of popcorn, a recliner, and a TV and she'd be in heaven.

‪"Cry me a fucking river. Captain said that I had to work with you to find the guy since you know what he looks like and I'm not losing my job because some blue haired ass kisser won't listen." ‬

‪Jet leaned down to poke Killian in the chest with a long thick finger.‬

"This is what we're going to do and I ain't going to have it any other way. We're going to go to Lowtown and you're going to point this guy out to me when we see him and then I'm going to bust his ass and bring him back here. You tell the Captain I got the right guy and we part ways all friendly like."

Kil slapped Jet's hand away, stinging his own hand in the process against the thick wrist.

"Sounds like you have a personal problem then Jetty. I gave enough information for a composite sketch. That's as far as I go. You are not the boss of me." It was Kil's turn to poke Jet in the chest, not that he thought the behemoth would feel it. It didn't matter to Killian that Jet was about a foot taller then him and had probably a hundred pounds on him. The smaller man would not be ordered about. "You forget that I'm my own boss. I've done my good deed for the day." He stepped back, opening his truck door with a protesting groan of the hinges. "Now, if you don't mind, I'm going home. That's if I don't crash because you gave me a damn concussion."

"Damn you Roma." A thick hand gripped his upper arm. "You're coming with me. I don't trust your driving and I'm not taking no for an answer."

"No, damn you Jet." Kil twisted his wrist in the cops grip; surprisingly getting free and stepping further back into the safety of the open door. "I assure you that if I start to pass out I'll aim for an innocent wall. No one will be hurt that way in this tank. And you'll have to learn that you can't always get what you want. If you continue to grab me I may have to file for police harassment." He smiled sweetly at Jet and it almost reached his hazel eyes.

"Sayin' no to a po po ain't always a good idea boss. Especially a sexy hunk of man meat like that. I'd be sayin' yes yes yes." Misty finally decided to chirp up with her opinion. Kil looked at the spook out of the corner of his eye only to see Misty's blue eyes intent on Jet, one long red fingernail being run back and forth over her plump bottom lip. Kil rolled his eyes.

"Go ahead you little snot." Jet marched around to the other side of the old truck and slipped into the passenger side. "Captain said keep on top if ya and that's what Imma gonna do."

"Keep on top of me? Never in a million years." Kil growled as he watched Jet slide perfectly into his beast of a truck, slamming the door after him by the makeshift handle of the inner plywood door. Kil had to lift himself into the large vehicle by the 'oh shit' handle on the roof above the door, sliding his ass onto the Mexican blanket that took the place of the non-existent upholstery.

He slammed the door after him, put the key in and turned it bring the Giant to loud, grumbling life.

"Don't try to drive off anywhere but towards Lowtown." The cop grumbled as he crossed his arms over his broad chest.

"You crawled in my truck. I'll go wherever I damn well please. Which is home." Kil said with a growl, pulling out of the police department parking structure.

"You want me dogging you for days on end? Fine, delay the case. Maybe another girl will be killed because your prissy assets had to rush home to watch yer favorite soap."

"Or maybe you've already delayed it chasing the wrong guy." Kil retorted as he turned out of the parking garage and into the bright sunlight with a rumble of the engine. "And I don't watch soaps. Fucking drivel. Don't push your entertainment preferences onto me."

"I am trying to catch a killer and you're rubbing crystal balls and shit. Don't act all superior unless you want me to punch you again. I want this asshole caught."

"Trust me, the balls I'm rubbing aren't crystal. And you can't say that I haven't been successful in the past. 100% success rate. So fuck off."

"I don't care about your sick perversions. I care about catching this guy."

Kil rolled his eyes, turning onto the on ramp onto the highway towards Lowtown. "You have no sense of humor do you?"

The sweat stained shirt strained over the cops midsection and arms. He was not fat but it was obvious he enjoyed beer and weight lifting. All better to pummel innocent people. "Your ass wasn't chewed out."

"I'd like to chew on his ass." Misty purred from where she suddenly appeared between them on the bench seat.

"Shut up Misty." Kil hissed under his breath as a car swerved around them and sped off. The truck was a tank but like all tanks didn't go that fast. Kil was pushing it to its limit at 65 mph. "Even when you're not being yelled at you still have a sour attitude. That's when you're not socking unsuspecting people in the job. I'd hate to sit in on one of your interrogations. Probably end up being something out of a Spielberg movie."

"I don't rough anyone up unless they get mouthy and I feel as if they're lying to me." He grunted and took his guns out of the shoulder holster. It wasn't good to look like a cop in Lowtown.
"Which is every perp you bring into your interrogation room detective. That's a lot of beat up people. Not to mention innocent tip givers. I'm guessing the number of anonymous tip callers went up after you joined that precinct." Kil stated dryly as he took the off ramp.

"I have the highest numbers with successful arrests and fuck you fairy boy. I don't hold guys that are innocent. The problem is all the shits I pick up from the streets are guilty of something. Not murder? How about beating his kids or girl?"

He frowned at Kil. "You armed?"

Kil quirked an eyebrow, looking out the corner of his eye at the large man.

"One, don't call me fairy boy. I don't have wings and I sure as shit don't fart glitter. Two, if you don't harass innocents why the hell did you punch me? And three, what do you mean by armed? My charming personality and sharp wit or did you perhaps mean the Sig under my seat. And before you ask, yes I have a permit for it."

"You're not innocent." He snorted. "And if we are going to Lowtown I want to know what you have to back up that smart mouth." Jet rolled his head, popping the tightness out of his neck. "We need a name, a real one to track this asshole down."

Shaking his head, Kil turned off the highway and onto the onramp into Lowtown. There was no question why the area was called such. It was seen in every city. The forgotten parts, the dirty streets, the crumbling buildings, the graffiti covered walls. The people who either were predator or prey but in Lowtown, most of the people were predators. But even here had it's own pulse, it's own type of life. Some of it was deep, dark, and depressing but there was also a lot of joy. These were the people who were so down on their luck that they thought of a rundown, abandoned apartment that the city forgot to turn the water off in as a mansion. Because of that, happiness was found in the smallest things.

This was Lowtown.

"Most victims don't remember the names of their killers after death. That's if they knew it in the first place. Too traumatic."

"Right now without another lead another girl will be dead by the end of the week."

"Well I've given you a decent description but you might want to be wary about going door to door showing it to people here. My neighbors aren't exactly the friendly type." The rumbling truck came to a red light at a four way stop and Kil cautiously looked around at the people on the streets who scanned his truck for a moment before deciding it wasn't worth their time.

He turned right and continued to pass storefronts and boarded up buildings. After a few more turns he came to another downtrodden apartment building and parallel parked in a perfect spot right in front of the doors.

"This the last victim's neighborhood. Her roommate wouldn't talk to us. Then we couldn't find her." Jet looked over to Kil. "What's up?"

"I know it's the last victim's neighborhood. And you can't find Yolanda because she moved back to Ohio after Leeann was killed. But before that she let me into the apartment since Leeann was killed in her bedroom and that's how I got the description." Kil stepped out of the truck with a squeal of rusty hinges. He stood in the open door, looking up at the five-story building.

"And the only reason I was able to talk to them is because I live across the hall from them." Kil slammed the door shut after locking it, not that anyone would bother the giant of a truck. It was held together by rust, duct tape, and prayer and wasn't worth the effort.

"So why bring me here?"

"I told you I was going home. Besides, it's as good of place as any to start." Kil didn't wait for the Detective, merely walked around the truck and towards the double door entrance of the building.

"Guess looking over a crime scene for the tenth time never hurts." He followed the frustrating consultant into the complex, the weight of his gun tucked against his back comforting.

The double doors had once been fully paned in glass but that had been a long time ago. Now it was patched together with tape, cardboard, and plywood. Most of the windows towards the street had security bars on them even though there wasn't any fire escape or really any way to get to the higher windows.

Inside wasn't much better. Peeling, yellow tinged linoleum patterned the floor. The only doors that could be seen in the immediate vicinity was one with a peeling placard that had once said manager and another that said maintenance. To the right and left were hallways that led to the first floor apartments. Jet could see old crime scene tape fluttering in the struggling air conditioning in front of a broken door.

Directly in front of them was an elevator but Kil bypassed it to shoulder open a door beside it that led to the stairs.

"The elevator works, barely, but I haven't used it in two months." He almost seemed to start to say more but the audible click of his teeth as he shut his mouth showed his restraint. A momentarily disgusted look flashed over his face before it disappeared into his normal amused disinterested expression.

"Had something more to add there blue boy?" Jet asked as he continued to follow the man.

"Nothing I want to tell you." Kil replied softly as he started up the stairs quickly.

"You get kicks out of trying to be this secretive asshole?" Jet rolled his eyes.

"You get kicks out of just being an overbearing dick?" Kil countered as he reached the first landing and continued up the second flight, not even winded. "You ever think that perhaps I don't want to tell you ever iota of my personal life? Because you're the last person I would sit down and have coffee with just to unload my stresses on."

"Hold it right there princess blue bonnet, I'm not trying to chat you up because I'm trying to become your best friend. I'm trying to figure out how to catch this son of a bitch and you're not helping."

Kil stopped so quickly on the steps that Jet nearly plowed into him. He wheeled around, his eyes flashing angrily. "Well you got a shitty way of showing it. Perhaps if you stop being a gorilla of a prick then I might want to help you. And I don't see what the fuck my problem with the elevator has to do with catching the even bigger asshole then you killing innocent girls in my town."

"Your town? Sorry Sheriff didn't know I had to get permission to catch killers in your town." Jet crossed his arms taking a step back so he could look into Kil's eyes. "Didn't even know you lived here until two seconds ago and it's right across from a fucking crime scene so maybe the fucking elevator had something to do with how he got in or how he snuck in without the ever observant and awesome you catching him."

"Yes, my town. Lowtown, a place you wouldn't give two shits about if someone from here didn't start to murder people in your shiny little suburbs." Kil replied, sighing and running his hand through his multi-highlighted blue hair, the different shades making it look like the waves of the ocean. "Yeah, he could have gotten in through the elevator. Or the stairs, or someone's window, or any number of different entry points. This place doesn't exactly have top-notch security or - ya know - any. And he came at night, or so I've been told. I'm not here at night. I sleep during the day and go out at night. So fucking excuse me if I wasn't home with phone in hand waiting to call 911. And even if I was, do you know how many screams and gunshots I hear in just one hour in this building? In one hour?" Kil's eyes flashed and it was obvious he was working himself up into a fury. He was gesturing with his hands and occasionally poking Jet in the solidly muscled chest.

"When I first moved here, I called the cops every time. Most of the time I was told that it was domestic disturbance and that they'd send a patrol out to check. You know how many times the cops actually came? Once. Two hours after I called. The baby was already dead by then. After that I didn't even bother to even attempt to call even when I myself was the one screaming. So fucking sorry if I don't put much stock in the police's so called to serve and protect detective work." Kil spun on his heel and started back up the stairs.

"Happy Detective Fuckhead?"

"So why were you screaming and why did you need the police?" Jet asked ,letting the tirade roll off his back. He knew a lot about people hating cops. Made his job a fuck harder. He couldn't save everyone and he knew it and right now he was trying to just save one person.

"None of your business." Kil said, hitting the second landing and turning the corner to continue up the third flight.

Jet only shook his head as he sighed and followed silently now. He didn't want to fight the entire time.

Kil took a few deep breaths and as climbed towards the fifth floor, not because he was out of shape, but to calm down. By the time he reached his floor and opened the door, he was feeling much more level headed and magnanimous.

"I was mugged. In the elevator I mean." He finally said by way of apology.

Jet nodded even if Kil couldn't see him.

"Sorry. I'm truly just trying to find a lead to the next girl. I want to save her."

Kil reached his door and leaned his forehead against it, letting out a long, tired sigh. "So do I. If only to shut them up. That's the only reason I stepped into your police kingdom today. Or ever." Sighing again, he pushed away from the door and retrieved his keys out of his pocket, beginning the task of unlocking the five deadbolts that held the door.

"Shut who up?" Jet asked as he slid his hands into his pockets, trying to slow his breathing. He didn't want to huff or puff all the way up the damn castle steps but he was damn happy his town home only had one damn flight.

Meanwhile, Kil wasn't even breathing hard. Of course he took the steps every day, generally several times. He smiled over his shoulder at the detective, opening the locks by feel.

"Too many coffee and donut breaks Jetty?" The tease was there but lacking it's normal biting tone. He finally turned the last bolt and opened the door.

"As for whom, well, I could tell you but since you've never believed me in the past and called me all sorts of nasty names while disbelieving me, we won't go into it." He swept out an armed and bowed court like, his hand directing Jet into the apartment.

"I only cast disbelief because some of the shit you say boarders on crazy. You know it as well as I know it. Never out right said you were a liar. Crazy fucker, yes." Jet owned up to the words that came out of his mouth mostly because his words were judged half the time more than his actions.

Kil shrugged, following the detective into his apartment and throwing his keys on a wooden side table next to the door that looked as if it was going to collapse at any moment.

"I say what I know, I hear, and see. I know it sounds crazy but I also know it's true. Just because you can't hear them or see them doesn't mean it's not." He had to slide along the wall to get past Jet's huge frame in the tiny hallway. The hall opened up into a surprisingly large living room. To the right was a tiny kitchen with a bar counter separating it from the living room. The entire far wall of the living area was made up of windows, something completely unheard of even in the good part of town. It also made it obvious that Kil lived in the back of the building since outside the windows all you could see was the river that separated Uptown and Lowtown.

Despite it being a shitty apartment in an even shittier town it was obvious that Kil had made an effort to make the place as homey as possible. All the floors were bare wood but had obviously been sanded down to get rid of splinters and then sealed to make them shine. The couch was actually a futon that looked that it was picked up somewhere on the side of the road but had been covered with a blue and green knit comforter that helped hide it. Next to the futon was an equally ratty recliner that had the same colored throw over it.

In front of the futon was a coffee table pushed up against the wall that held a small, old tube TV that obviously had been rescued from somewhere. It was angled towards the recliner instead of the futon, towering stacks of DVDs next to it that looked like they were resembling the leaning tower of Pisa. The rest of the wall space all around the living room was made up of bookshelves that were filled to bursting with books.

In between the kitchen and living room was another hallway that led to three doors. The bedroom, the bathroom, and perhaps a spare bedroom or office. All three doors were closed.

Kil moved away from Jet and towards the kitchen, plastering himself next to the wall so he could open the fridge and pulled out a beer. After closing the fridge, he popped it open and took a long pull before licking his lips and looking to Jet.

"You say you cast disbelief but yet here you are asking me for help."

"I'm here because the Captain thinks you're holding all the damn answers and doesn't want you going out trying to catch this guy without some real police back up." Jet looked at Kil with a raised eyebrow and his lips in a thin line. "Not going to offer me a drink?"

"Trust me. I know I'm not a super hero." Kil took another long pull from his beer, keeping eye contact with the detective as he licked the lip of the bottle and then his lips. "Aren't you on duty?"

"Yes. I don't care. I won't tell if you won't." Jet tried not to stare at those pink lips.

Kil paused for the moment, tapping the mouth of his bottle against his lips, smirking inwardly as he noticed the direction of Jet's eyes. So the detective wasn't as unaffected as he seemed.

He turned to the fridge, opening it and taking out another brew. He popped the cap on the dark bottle and held it out to the man, not moving closer but making Jet come to him.

"You love being a cheeky bastard." Jet strode forward with long legs before grabbing the bottle. "Want to come with me across the hall?"

"Have to counteract you somehow." Kil took another sip, swishing the dark brew within his mouth as he looked towards the front door. A haunted look flashed across his eyes before he looked back to Jet, smirking slightly. "Not really." He licked his lips again, running the mouth of the glass back and forth across his bottom lip just to see if he could get a rise out of the larger man.

"I'm going." Jet sighed and shook his head before he took his beer and headed into a crime scene that only happened days ago. If the killer remained on pattern then another girl would get her mail tomorrow with a note seemingly from a secret admirer.

Rolling his eyes, Kil let out a soft sigh, following Jet out his door and across the hall after picking up his keys off the side table. He found the detective staring at the locks on the door as if contemplating picking the locks. He held out the keys to Jet.

"I occasionally fed their fish when they went and visited their parents."

"Always there to save the day." Jet said with a smirk as he took the keys and unlocked the door. "I would have gotten in but thanks."

"I figured you would but I thought time was of the essence." The blue haired man smiled back in response, momentarily stunned at the beauty of Jet's smile. He was so used to seeing the detective growl and sneer that it took him by surprise. He realized it was the first time he had actually seen a positive emotion on the man's features.

"In this case I'll agree." Jet nodded as he walked inside. He knew each room by heart now. The apartment was very similar to Kil's in size but the rooms were touched by a woman's hands.

He headed straight to the bedroom where the girl was killed. He had to find something. He took a long drink of the beer trying to separate out the girl from the case.

Kil clutched his own beer, the rings on his fingers tapping a staccato against the glass in a common nervous gesture as his eyes flicked around the living room. It was warm room and inviting, pale peaches and lavenders coloring the walls and simple furniture. Also coloring the room was a flickering yellow glow that darted back and forth in the confines of the area. Kil trembled, taking a sip of his drink as he watched the glow, the glow only he can see.

"She still here captain?" Misty's question made Kil jump and nearly choke on his beer. It took a few minutes of coughing for him to clear his air passage.

"Hate it when you do that." He finally rasped in a whisper, glaring at the spirit queen. "And yes, as you can see, she's still here."

"Say something blue boy?" Jet pulled on some latex free gloves as he began to look through dressers and drawers again.

"Yes. But not to you. Just the crazy man babbling." Kil said cheerfully.

Jet began lifting the mattress and running his hands through the sheets.

"She walked the streets right?"

"As do most of the women who live in Lowtown. It's what's the commerce of Lowtown is built upon. That and drugs. But she was also going to college in Uptown."

"Most of the women to date though haven't been hookers. We've had them up to midtown and one in Hightown." He tossed the hand full of cloths back into the drawer. "Why downgrade the kills? Most killers get riskier."

Kil stared at the yellow light that had come closer, the pulsing quieting. "Because he didn't know she was a prostitute. Thought she was just a student." He murmured.

"He get pissed then I wonder? Thinking he was getting a step up on a innocent student then finding out she was turning tricks?" Jet was thinking out loud, his gut hurting as if he was still missing something.

"No." Kil said the word slowly, his eyes becoming unfocused as he seemed to become tranced by the light, listening to something only he could here. "No, that wasn't it. He knew who was, what she was. She . . . trusted him. Jet . . . all the women who have been killed . . . were they all associated with Rom University? Either past or present?"

"Yeah but we haven't told that to anyone." Jet came out of the bedroom with a frown. "You reading our reports?"

"And how would I ever get access to those?" The words were his normal jab but it was flat and distracted as he continued to stare out into the center of the room. "It was someone she saw nearly every time she was there. Someone she barely knew but trusted in a naive kind of way."

"Then I guess we go there." Jet pulled off the gloves with a snap and picked up the beer he had set on the ground right outside the room.

"Huh?" Kil seemed to snap out of whatever trance he was in, shaking his head and looking blankly towards Jet, his own beer dangling forgotten from his fingers.

"You went dreamy sugar." Misty said softly.

Kil's eyes went from Jet to the yellow pulse to Misty and then back to Jet, a slightly panicked look in his eyes as if he were waited for judgment from the man before he covered it up with an indifferent smile.

"Uh huh." Jet dropped his gaze with a grunt before tossing back the last drops of beer down this throat. "Come on princess. Let's get going."

"Don't. Just don't call me princess. Or fruit, fairy, blue boy or any of the other demeaning nicknames you have for me. You do that and I won't call you gorilla, giant, numb skull, big foot, growly or anything else." He ran his fingers through his hair; the soft looking strands falling back into his eyes like feathers. "I know we don't want to work together but apparently we'll have to and I don't want to kill you before this is over. It'd be hard to get my record clear."

"Like that is going to happen." Jet walked out of the girls' apartment. "Since you kidnapped me you'll have to drive."

The medium sighed, rubbing his face; his shoulder's falling for a moment before he realized that Leeann was still watching him. He turned back to the yellow pulse, nodding his had towards it. "We'll figure it out LeeLee. Then you can be free, I promise." He saluted the light with his beer before downing it and following Jet out.

"I didn't kidnap you. You hijacked my truck."

"Kidnapped." Jet said in a clipped tone. "You always kidnap men?"

Walking into his apartment, Kil moved straight to his kitchen and threw his empty bottle almost violently into the trash. "No, mostly I kidnap women. Men I generally seduce and lure back here. Only then do I hit them over the head and have my way with them." He stated dryly.

"Don't see you being much of a pitcher." Jet smirked, standing in the doorway with arms crossed and green eyes shinning.

"Interesting that you know that word." Kil hopped on top of the bar; pulling one foot on top of the opposite knee so he could pull off the cowboy boot adorning it. "I wouldn't suspect you would know the meaning of pitching, catching, or any terminology involving sex whatsoever."

"Having sex is not unknown to me." Jet snorted.

"With your charming personality and exceptional social interactions? What'd you fuck? A blow up doll? Because that's the only thing that I can see putting up with your asshole tendencies." Kil quipped as he removed his other boot and dropped it to the floor. He swung his feet back and forth, the mismatched socks blurring color against the white bar.

Jet walked in and slammed the door behind him.

"You know, over the past six months you have been nothing but a pain in my ass. You want to help catch him you have to stop screwing around acting all high and fucking mighty when honestly you know shit. Unless you're holding back, letting this guy go free."

"I have given you every piece of information I have!" Kil jumped off the counter, stalking toward Jet and stepping into his personal space and tipping his head back to meet the Detective's eyes without any reservations or wariness of angering the large man. "Plus attempted to gain more. I have even given more than I suspect you've been told simply because I'm not believed! I'm told I'm a liar, a freak, a fucking crazy person and yet I keep attempting to tell your stupid cohorts despite the malice I receive. And yet when I try and give a bit back, I'm told I'm not doing enough? That I don't care? Who do you think is the one that the victims talk to? Who do you think they hound to defend them, to speak for them, to help them reach peace? Because it's sure as shit ain't you!"

Jet walked forward, pushing Kil to step backward without even raising his hands until the man hit the nearest wall, which only took a few steps.

"Because for all you say you're giving us you're still holding something back. I know because my gut tells me you are. You're hiding something from me."

"Of course I'm hiding something from you! I have every right to! But I'm hiding nothing pertaining to your fucking investigation or these murders." Kil pushed against Jet to no avail but did it anyway. It didn't matter that the man was double his body weight of pure muscle. Kil hated to be pushed around.

Jet put his hands on either stand of Kil's head, staring into those blue eyes past the blue hair.

"Maybe if you got your mind off my ass."

Kil sputtered for a minute in anger, closing his eyes momentarily and shaking his head before looking back into Jet's eyes with his own anger filled ones. "You make absolutely no sense! You jumped from subject to subject without any sense of direction. You go from sex to murder to me hiding things from you and then to your God damn ass! How the hell do you ever solve murders when your brain can't stay on one subject?"

"It's why I am so damn good. Most people don't see the bigger picture they're so damn focused straight ahead they forget to look around!"

Jet lowered his face until their lips were inches apart.

"You're nothing but trouble."

"And you're nothing but an overbearing prick so I guess we're even." Kil replied, goose bumps rising on his skin caused by the heat from their mingling breaths and the heat in Jet's eyes.

"Then why do you want me to kiss you so damn badly?"

His rough chapped lips pressing into Kil's with tongue lapping to gain entrance.
The story of Jet, a homicide detective and Killian, a medium trying to catch a serial killer and try not to get killed themselves. That's if they don't kill eachother first.
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Lol, they did didn't they :D
Quarrelsome Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
#$%@#$%^@^@#$^#$%& @#$^#$%& # @#$^ $%& #$ @#%@# ^$%& %* #% #$%^ $%
I am so in love this story dude!
29hogtied-muses Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Professional Writer
Really? Would have never guessed. Huh.
Quarrelsome Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
....that was sarcasm at it's finest....
29hogtied-muses Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Professional Writer
It's a life skill.
Quarrelsome Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
Torchstar Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
This ones really good to.
29hogtied-muses Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Professional Writer
Glad you like!
PersianPerish Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
:heart: *melts*
29hogtied-muses Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Professional Writer
PersianPerish Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
you laugh but i'm loving this. it's like a hotter, much better version of Ghost Whisperer! AND~~ a guy named Killian with BLUE HAIR!!! :squee: i'm in heaven with this one... all of them... know what, i'll just sit here and be patient, it might take a while, maybe a couple years, but i can wait... :nod:
29hogtied-muses Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Professional Writer
Killian's name originally was Calian. I forget why we changed it honestly. *sighs* at this point in time I'm plotting and seeing if all three are possible. Not sure yet right now. Don't want to overlaod.
PersianPerish Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
definitely don't overload, that would mean a great portion of my free time will be left desolate... i'm really happy about all the stories being posted though :XD:
29hogtied-muses Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011  Professional Writer
Wouldn't want your free time to go to waste. :)
StygianDawn Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011
And when will this little beauty be written? :D
29hogtied-muses Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011  Professional Writer
Technically it's already partially written. Just trying to figure out interest. So far Trifecta is winning.
StygianDawn Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011
Really? I'm more for Spook, myself. :D
29hogtied-muses Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Professional Writer
Everyone has their favs. :D
rainbowsexhair Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
so good :clap:
29hogtied-muses Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011  Professional Writer
Glad you like. :)
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