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June 12, 2011
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"Hey sis? You mind getting me a drink?" The words that rolled quietly from his tongue felt thick and slow like molasses.

"Sure." Meme turned around with a worried frown.

"Oh no, let me." Bastion kissed Menate's cheek. "Stay with your brother. It's too crowded in here. I can get through easier."

"Thanks babe." Her smile was back as she patted the front of his coat.

"No problem my little bird." He didn't even wave a hand or make a motion towards his bodyguard. The dark man only turned and the thundering mountain followed. It was easier for Bastion because the bodyguard made a path.

"Hit me faster than normal. You know I can usually hold it back until we get on stage." Putting down his amp again, Lleu leaned against the wall and rubbed at his tired, dry eyes. "I'm sure your beau now thinks your brother is a flake." He managed to pry his eyes open and give his sister a shaky smile that quickly faltered. "Maybe this is a bad idea. This night may be too much."

"If you need to go, I will go with you." Meme reached out to grab his hand. "I don't want you to be alone tonight."

"I'm always alone even when I have company." Lleu mumbled and then shook his head, laughing softly. "Wow! If that wasn't fucking a load of self-pitying pathetic bullshit I don't know what is." He squeezed his sister's hand. "No, it's fine. You'll just have to help me out. Besides, your lover would be upset."

"He would forgive me because I am beautiful. You just use me how you need and we will show them what real music sounds like."

"That we will sister mine." He leaned forward and kissed her cheek as he heard the band before them finish with a warm applause from the packed house. "We'll do our normal set. Have one new song that I guess I'll have to sing." At the thought of singing in front of an audience, a dull panic clenched at his chest but it was muffled by the heady emotions swirling around him. "You have to do set up and sound check solo. You know how I'll get once I'm up there. Sorry for that. Wish Dylan was here to help you."

"I will have Bastion help." She smiled, "I do know how to plan ahead." The man with the dangerous smile returned at that moment. Hs carried two drinks and the guard carried one as well.

"I am sorry if this isn't to your liking. I had forgotten to ask before leaving so I had to use my best judgment. The bartender, if you could call him that, called these sweet revenge."

Lleu took the drink with a shaky, wary smile. "Thanks. This is fine. I appreciate it." He took a sip without even smelling it and really was too far out of it to even taste it. He knew that it would take much more than a single drink for it to have any affect on him. Although his lack of food lately would help expedite the process.

At that point the sound tech for the club came down the hallway, smiling as her eyes lit upon them. The triplets were a house favorite in the club and they were always pleased to have them. After the hulking bodyguard had grabbed Lleu's amp, the tech led them down the hallway to the back of the stage. Only basic lighting lit the twenty by thirty area, leaving just enough light for them to get everything together.

As soon as Lleu stepped onto the platform and was within full view of the club goers, his mind went. He kept himself barely there by intense concentration on uncoiling his cables and plugging in his guitar and the peddles that he used with it. He let Meme be her normal sociable self, smiling and waving at regulars who recognized them even as he ignored those who called out his name for attention.

Bastion stayed near Meme the entire time as well as helping her with what ever she asked of him but never truly going farther than a few feet. The man went into full white smile as the attentive boyfriend. Nicodemus was a silent hulk doing the work Bastion didn't want too. They only left when Meme told them to and even then were just behind the stage waiting.

Even through his trance, having Bastion and Nicodemus at his back gave Lleu the chills. There was just something about the two that Lleu just didn't like. But Bastion seemed to have honest affection for Menate so Lleu attempted to push those feelings aside for Meme's sake. He sat down on bar stool that was put on stage for him and tuned his guitar to perfection. When told, he plucked at the strings and played a riff so that the tech could check the sound. Meme checked his mic for him since when the tech called for him to do so, he didn't even notice. You would think by now the sound tech would have known better but still, every time they came, she tried to get him to respond.

Feeling a chill on the back of his neck, Lleu lifted the hood of his jacket over his head that also doubled as a way to protect his eyes from the bright lights above him. He continued to do finger exercises while Meme did the rest of the checks.

"You ready?" Meme asked with an excited grin, obviously looking forward to performing not only for the club but also for themselves and of course her boyfriend.

There was a certain cadence to those words that always got through the miasma of emotions swirling around Lleu like an ocean current. He nodded his head almost mechanically, waiting for Meme to make their introduction. They did it the same way every time, the words a trigger for Lleu.

The introduction done, the fans demanded the music. Some desiring just rhetorically sound, some wanted Lleu or Meme, and then others were missing Dylan. Meme was internally lost similar to Lleu but not to the same extent.

They started off with a sweet song. Not precisely a love song but in the beginning, it seemed to be. Lleu's guitar work was in the higher range, intricate and harmonizing with Meme's soft, sensual lyrics in a way that it almost seemed like another voice in and of itself. Once the first stanza was done and it dipped into the chorus, it became harder, deeper, grinding and Menate's voice soared into a guttural flow of anger and redemption as she came down hard on the keyboard. Her fingers smashing the keys just as her voice lyrically crashed down an invisible foe. And then the chorus ended and it went back to the sweetness that it previously portrayed but now with the memory of the thorns under the musical roses. And their audience loved it.

Lleu's eyes were completely closed, his head bobbing slightly, one foot on the rung of the barstool he perched upon the other dangling free. His body was arched over his guitar as if cradling a lover that his fingers caressed swiftly and skillfully.

Menate's eyes were only partially closed, her long eye lashes framing the slits that were visible as she made love to the mic, her lips looking as if they were kissing it deeply without it being provocative. When her fingers weren't dancing over the keys of board they were moving with graceful expression, a dance in and of itself as she made their watches feel the emotions just through her movements.

Lleu also subtly manipulated them with his own abilities as all of their emotions were swirling about his mind like bees to flowers and he fed them all of pollen they wanted so they made sweet honey around his mind, keeping him complacent.

Bastion stayed behind them that entire concert. He was watching and was also drawn to the music just as the fans had been; yet, there was still that under current of darkness. There was a heightened excitement inside the man.

By the time they neared the end of their set, both Lleu and Meme were drenched in sweat and emotions, especially Lleu. His braids stuck to his face, the hair under his hood slicked to his scalp and his t-shirt was near dripping but neither seemed to care.

Hearing the ringing tones from their previous song bounce throughout the room and passed the screaming, dancing bodies, Lleu subconsciously waited for Meme to cue him into the next song. Instead he felt her hand sweep his hood back, causing him to tilt his face and dilated eyes up to her, his brows furrowing in question.

She nodded at him, telling him it was his turn, time for the new song. He blinked blearily for a moment before nodding and turning towards the mic in front of him as Meme went back to the keyboard. Even if she didn't know the song, she'd be able to weave her way in without any problem after she heard the first few chords.

Lleu's fingers stroked slowly over the strings, low, almost sleepy tones that led into the intro. His voice was soft, musical, and his siblings had compared it to what the angels might sound like.

Walking down the same street
Forget the people I meet

Under the city lights
I think I gave up the fight
It happened years ago
Exactly when I don't know

Never had it in me
Never figured out the key

Just gotta get out of here
Before I disappear

Just gotta get out of here
Before I disappear

Just gotta get out of here
Before I disappear

Just gotta get out of here
Before I disappear

After the chorus finished, Lleu's hand sped up on the strings, bringing up the tempo while Meme followed him into it flawlessly.

I'm driving in my car
I never get very far

Things just seemed to pass by
It's like I don't even try

Drank one too many beers
In all these wasted years

And time erases
All of my old friends faces

                Chorus x4

Yet again, the tempo picked up even more, Meme following flawlessly, her own voice following Lleu's in the chorus, melding perfectly as if they had been rehearsing the song together forever. Lleu's voice sang louder, almost desperate as it continued.

At night when I get home
I'm faceless and I'm unknown

Just another number
And I can't help but wonder

I sit here on my couch
As another day fades out

As another year starts
I cannot tell them apart

                Chorus x4

Yet again, the tempo changed, slowing, quieting the desperation of the lyrics and words.

Walking down the same street
Forget the people I meet

Under the city lights
I think I gave up the fight

A few more chords, and one last strum along the strings and it was over. There was momentary silence in the club before it exploded in a cacophony of cheers.

Bastion came up after the set and pulled Meme to the side and gave her a very long kiss. His sister then urged Lleu out of his haze and to start packing up their equipment.

Lleu barely flicked a glance at her as she turned him to his chord, amp, and pedals, ignoring cries for more and anyone who attempted to talk to him. Those who knew he and his siblings and came to see them play knew better. Most assumed Lleu was just stoned out of his mind most of the time. And while that was somewhat true, it was for a different reason.

He coiled his chords and packed his guitar, putting them all together next to his amp so he could pick up Menate's keyboard stand at her gentle instruction. Bastion's car was parked in the back alley and he was going to transport her stuff back to her apartment. He followed Bastion and his sister, Nicodemus following silently behind him as they went a different direction from which they came in, exiting a back down into the narrow, dark alley that delivery trucks came into to drop off the bars goods. It stank of garbage and unwashed bodies, the stench of bodily fluids strong his Lleu's sensitive nose.

Despite that, once the door shut behind him, he sucked in a deep breath of relief as the cacophony from the club was silenced, both to his ears and mind. After he placed the stand in the back of the SUV, he stepped away, leaning back against the damp, old brick wall, closing his eyes as he let out a sigh of relief. The slight chill in the air felt like bliss against his heated skin.

"We should all head back to my place." Bastion said loudly obviously trying to get Lleu's attention. "To relax."

Lleu opened his eyes; blinking a few times as he tried to focus on Bastion's dark form with the one, dull light in the dead end alley. His eyes flicked to his sister and her hopeful expression but he just couldn't push past his tiredness. It had been an emotional evening in multiple ways so he shook his head.

"I appreciate the invite, but I really need to head back home. But you should go Meme. Just remember to give James a call and tell him where you're heading." Lleu knew that the wolves that were tailing them earlier were probably already in the vicinity. He wasn't stupid enough to think that he and his sister couldn't be tracked by the GPS on his car or their phones.

"You look rough." Bastion made what appeared to be a sincere expression of worry.

"Lleu, can you make it home?" Meme walked over to him and pulled him into a hug.

"Yeah, that happens when I jam. Plus had a long day." Lleu replied to Bastion quietly as he wrapped his arms around Menate and hugged her tightly, kissing the crown of her head before burying his face in her hair. "I'll be fine princess. The further away I get from here the better I'll be, you know that." His response was whispered in her ear as his hug tightened around her. "I'm sorry I dropped a bomb in your lap but thanks for being the best sister ever." Those words were said even quieter, barely audible even with his mouth pressed so close to her ear.

"I don't want you let you go." She sighed, "You might do something stupid . . . er."

The brother stiffened slightly in her arms at her words before forcing himself to ease. "Like what? Go to bed early? I'm not planning to off myself or anything sis, have a little faith that I'm not that selfish." Even if sometimes that seemed like that best option to get away from his confusing pain. But the thought of how much pain he would leave behind stopped him from even remotely pursuing those trains of thought. "You should go. Have fun with you beau. I still need to go inside and get my gear. I'll be fine, I promise. I'll even text you when I get home if you want."

"Sure, text." She sighed and looked over towards Bastion, "I guess it's just us."

The man looked emotionless - for a moment.

"Sad." He shrugged and spread his arms out. "I had hoped it would not have to come to this."
Lleu and Menate perform! And then trouble.

Just a bit of info:

The song is titled Disappear by Thomas Paine and the Founding Fathers which is, or was (they've since broken up) a local band here. If you want to hear the song (not the best reordering but you get the idea) you can go here ~~~> [link] and just click on the play button next to 'Disappear'. 'You've Got Red on You' is another one my favs.

Meme and Bastion played by Aikyo
Lleu is Vel's
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